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Group Training

This is a 2 day long training. Each day of training consists of 8 hours (16 hours total). Each student will receive an in-depth training manual, full kit with machine, and certification upon satisfactory completion. We believe a hands-on approach is the best way of learning, and students will be able to work on a live model under supervision.


It is our goal to give our students all the tools to feel confident and succeed in their craft. In this course you will learn multiple techniques of nano, along with theories to help you understand the WHYs and HOWs. With this knowledge you will be able to adjust your technique based on each client scenario, which will take your work from good to GREAT. No prior experience needed. Artists of all skill levels will benefit from this training. Students receive lifetime support.


- Different Nano Techniques 

- Multiple stroke patterns

- Hands-on training with live model under trainer supervision

- Live Demonstration

- Supplies & Vendor List

- Contraindications

- Skin Composition

- Overtone vs. Undertone

- Skin Types & Skin Tones

- Colour Theory

- Pigments

- Colour Selection

- Creating different densities

- Adjusting technique based on client skin type

- Client scenarios

- Pressure & Movement

- Positioning & Grip

- Mapping technique for symmetry

- Eyebrow Design

- Obtaining maximum healed results

- Touch-ups & Aftercare

- Client Consultations & Consent Forms

- Sanitation

- Capturing quality photos and lighting tips

- Photo Editing

- Marketing

- The most effective way to acquire clientele 

- Lifetime support


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