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Owner & Master Artist


Hello! My name is Alexis and I am a brow specialist, educator, and founder of Studio Glow. With over 16 certifications accumulated globally, I strive on my ability to customize each brow to fit the facial features and personality of my clients.  


I first started experimenting with cosmetics when I was just 7 years old. The art of transformation through the use of makeup was so fascinating that I would spend hours watching beauty gurus and soaking in all knowledge of anything I could find that was beauty related. By the age of 18 I became a self-taught freelance makeup artist while still in full-time collage for real estate. 


I believe there are 2 types of people: those who are academic, and those who are creative. I knew that academics was definitely not my strong suit and something I would never be passionate about. I've always looked for new ways to express my creativity but due to the limited opportunities to make a stable career, being in the competitive beauty industry didn't seem like a realistic dream.


My friends were the reason why I first considered doing brows. They were all too familiar with my attention to detail and mild OCD when it came to filling my brows in. I thought that Microblading would be a piece of cake since I already had a background in makeup, but after completing my first training I was so frustrated with my work that it pushed me to become better. Along my journey to prove to myself that I could do it I found passion, and now I educate others who are looking to do the same.


My goal as an artist is to make sure that every person walks out of my treatment feeling more beautiful and confident than they did prior to walking in. My goal as an educator is to give my students all the tools necessary for their success while providing continuous support and mentorship.

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